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What are the various aesthetic problems faced by women?

Over a period of time, a woman's body goes through a lot of biological changes. Due to these changes, various health and aesthetics problems can arise such as-

Deposition of excess fat in Breast area
Laxity & sagging of Breasts
Vaginal Laxity & dryness leading to Sexual Dissatisfaction
Stress urinary incontinence leading to involuntary leakage of urine

What are the main causes behind women’s aesthetic concerns?
Surgeries like Hysterectomy

How can Define Aesthetics help in these problems?

At Define Aesthetics every individual is carefully assessed by a team of expert doctors. Then a tailor made treatment plan is formed using combination of medically proven technologies based on the individual requirements. The combination of scientific technologies like HIFU, Ion Magnum, radiofrequency & Acoustic wave guarantees optimum results.

Are these treatments safe?

These treatments and completely safe. Ion Magnum is an FDA approved technology. It uses Nano-current and the waveforms similar to the body's endogenous signals so the body accepts them well. Ultrasonic Lipolysis only targets fat cells without affecting other organs. There are absolutely NO SIDE EFFECTS.

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