FAQ - Obesity

What is Define Aesthetics approach for obesity management?+

At Define Aesthetics, a highly qualified team of experienced doctors & nutritionists carefully assess every patient for BMI, fat %, visceral fat, associated co-morbidities like Metabolic Syndrome, DM, HTN & co-existent conditions like Hypothyroidism & other hormonal abnormalities. A multidisciplinary approach, is followed to help patients, which consists of dietary & lifestyle modification, treatment of co-existent hormonal abnormalities, if required and the effective use of modern, non-invasive technologies like HIFU, Ion Magnum, Acoustic wave technology & Radiofrequency. This helps in achieving optimum results for everyone. With a combination of these methods, Define Aesthetics has treated 800 obese individuals satisfactorily since year 2010.

How is Ion Magnum different form a Muscle Stimulator?+

Muscle stimulators electrically stimulate the muscles to cause twitching. This may be useful to treat certain conditions needing physiotherapy. However, when it comes to fat loss, it isn’t really effective. Stimulators deplete the energy stores in the muscle causing them to fatigue. Hence, the results are limited. Furthermore, if you lose muscle, your metabolic rate drops. This means you burn lesser calories and you end up putting on weight eventually. The Ion Magnum, on the other hand, ensures long-term weight loss without exerting any strain on the body.

What are the SIDE EFFECTS / Is it SAFE ?+

Ion Magnum and Nanotechnology are non-invasive and safe technologies. Ion Magnum is an FDA approved technology. It uses Nano-current and the waveforms similar to the body's endogenous signals, so the body accepts them well. Ultrasonic Lipolysis only targets fat cells without affecting other organs. Thus, there are absolutely NO SIDE EFFECTS.

How soon can I start seeing / feeling the results ?+

The effects are seen in the 1st session itself. We take 2 or 3 measurements of the targeted area before beginning treatment. Post treatment, the same area is measured again. Ninety percent of our clients lose 1 to 3 inches in a single session with enhanced results over a period of time. Some may experience results during the week, following treatment. However, for visible and lasting results, we recommend multiple sessions based on individual fat analysis.

What happens to the fat?+

With the unique treatment offered at Define Aesthetics, fat is lysed and converted to ATP and metabolites. The fat is then excreted by the body's lymphatic and hepatic system. It is also burned down as the most preferred source for energy, providing the safest results.

Are the results permanent?+

Weight loss achieved through improper techniques can be due to water loss, fat loss and muscle loss. Weight lost due to water loss will come back the moment you drink a few glasses of water. If you lose muscle, your metabolic rate drops; this means you burn lesser calories and you will end up putting on weight. That's why, at Define Aesthetics, with Ion Magnum, we target Scientific weight loss i.e. we reduce both subcutaneous and visceral fat and improve muscle mass. At the end of the treatment, your metabolic rate improves so you burn more calories and deposit less. New fat cells are not formed in the body after maturity. HIFU treatment destroys fat cells. Less fat cells means less space for the body to deposit fat. If one follows the healthy lifestyle that we advise our patients. Everyone who has completed the treatment with us are maintaining the results very well.

How much time does it take to recover?+

None. Since only a small amount of lactic acid is produced, Ion Magnum treatments do not cause the soreness or muscle aches that commonly result from conventional exercise.

Is it painful?+

During the Ion Magnum treatment, expect to experience vibrations in the skin as the muscles smoothly contract. You will feel the contractions but the treatment itself should not result in any pain. HIFU is also a painless treatment.

FAQ - Face & Skin

How is the Nano-Perfector different from Botox & Fillers?+

Most technologies like Botulinum toxin or Fillers only target one or two out of several components that compose youth. With these, you look better maintained because of the absence of wrinkles, but you still look your age. Pure Analog Multisine Waveform signals synch with the body's endogenous signals and boost the ability of the cells to repair and regenerate. A body that can repair itself, can't age. Hence, it truly reverses the process of aging.

Can I get fairer?+

It is possible to lighten the skin tone by at least two shades using this technology.

Can my scars fade?+

Yes, the Nano Perfector reduces scars by increasing collagen and the production of elastin. It also increases microcirculation and reduces damage caused by free radicals.

Can I get rid of Acne?+

Yes, acne can be totally controlled with this technology. Using deep cleansing and detox programmes, impurities in the skin can be removed and pores get unblocked, thereby reducing acne.

Will my pigmentation go away?+

It decreases melanin in skin and improves skin texture, so pigmentation is reduced.

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