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Harsha Shah

Harsha Shah is a INFS certified nutrition expert. Her core skill is her thorough understanding of caloric requirement and food composition. She believes in a personalized approach to ensure clients get results. Her dedication and involvement with her patients makes the diet journey easy.

Her Approch

A personalized nutrition plan is a structured plan which includes following stages:

On the 1 st visit, Body Composition Analysis is done to know the BMI, fat % and lean body weight. A detailed history about Medical illnesses, Medications/Supplements taken, diet, with daily routine and activity levels is analysed. This helps in understanding the metabolism and caloric requirements of a person.
A balanced nutrition chart is prepared as per the calorie intake with details of calorie distribution in Carbohydrates, Proteins and Fats.
A structured and personalized diet is designed which can be easily followed. The choice of diet can be vegetarian or non-vegetarian.
Assessment and feedback are taken every week to monitor the progress. Based on the result changes are made regularly.
Our Nutritionist is available on chat to address any queries on regular basis.
At the end of the Nutrition plan proper guidelines are made for weight maintenance.
What is the role of diet in a weight loss program ?-

Weight gain or Weight loss is a simple balance of “Calories In” and “Calories Out”. So, any weight loss program supplemented with a right diet or nutrition plan will always give desired results. A right Nutrition Plan is calculated with your height, weight, BMI, body fat percentage, lean weight, your lifestyle and your activity & workout level. This kind of Personalized Nutrition Plan will result in fat loss and muscle gain and support your weight Loss program for optimum results.

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Naseem Jafrani

“The word 'DIET' raises your eyebrows and starts giving you tension. This diet that Harsha gives is so amazing, food that I could not dream about was included in my diet. Things like cheese, nuts, pure ghee, chicken, eggs. I wake up every day looking forward to a new healthy day. This diet has given me more energy, and something which I can continue always. Getting slimmer and remaining healthy and happy always.... She gives you personal attention and is always available for any queries.... Thanks, Harsha, for coming into my life!”

Tejaswini Velhal

“I am an IT professional; the sedentary lifestyle had taken its toll on my health. I had put on a lot of weight. I joined a gym and started exercising regularly, but no significant results were noticed. My friend recommended the name of Harsha, a nutritionist, to me. Initially I was a bit apprehensive as I thought she would suggest crash diets which would not be easy to follow. But the diet given by Harsha was so easy. I was allowed to even eat rice in moderate quantities. In just 2 months I have lost 7 kgs. I feel more energetic now.”

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