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I started putting on weight after marriage & 2 kids. By age of 45 my waist reached 45 inches & weight to 84 kgs. I started getting knee & back pains due to my weight & doctors advised to lose all this extra fat. At Define Aesthetics in 2 months my waist circumference reduced form 112 cms ( 45 inches) to 100 cms ( 40 inches). I lost about 8 kg of weight. My fat percentage reduced. My knee & back pain disappeared.

Ms. Priyanka Shinde | 45 | Homemaker | 10.2 inch lost

The perfector sessions has made my face near perfect. I have noticed my double chin has gone and seeing a visible lift in my facial skin which was drooping. What's more, I was complimented at a party by a gentleman. Just after two sessions, whether I am on television and he felt that he has seen me on television in some show! I have got much more than what was promised.

Ms. Naseem Jafrani | 53 | Business

I wanted to lose weight to become healthy and disease free and also improve my stamina. In the very first session of Ion magnum I realized that the treatment really works. I completed 10 sessions in 6 weeks. My weight is reduced by 3.5kgs in a month and lost about 11 inches from my tummy and also my fat percentage is reduced by 4%.

Mr. Santosh Tupe | 38 | Service | 11 inches lost

I had put on a lot of weight because of my lifestyle. I used to feel giddy & get breathless on climbing staircase. I took 15 sessions at Define Aesthetics which got over in 2 months. My waist circumference reduced from 108 cms ( 43 inches) to 100 cms ( 40 inches). I lost about 7 kg of weight. My confidence increased, my concentration in my work improved, my giddiness due to overweight is diminished. Really Define Aesthetics expresses me broadly!

Dr. Ashish Chavan | 33 | Doctor | 6.2 inches lost
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