Childhood Obesity Treatment

Childhood Obesity treatment

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Childhood obesity, in developed countries has reached epidemic proportion and developing countries are not far behind. Every country have a different dynamic in terms of obesity and so does India. Here is an overview of the obesity condition in India:

Somewhere between 5.74 percent and 8.82 percent of schoolchildren in India are obese.
21.4 percent boys and 18.5 percent girls aged 13-18 are either overweight or obese.
1 in every 8 children in India is Obese.

The need for childhood obesity treatment today is felt more than ever.

What is the common misconception ?

There's this notion that a chubby baby is a healthy one. But a baby only needs so much nutrition for growth and development, and the more fat a child stores, the greater the tendency to store fat as the child gets older. Keep checking in with your paediatrician to make sure the baby isn't biting off more than he can chew.


Fat cells multiply till 18 years of age, that means If you are obese in childhood, chances are you will remain fat in adulthood.

What are the causes of child obesity
Lack of physical activity

Overindulgence in indoor leisure activities and entertainment (e.g., television viewing, internet, and computer games) alone or in combination with factors like lack of outdoor activities, spaces and playgrounds in schools and communities along with increasing pressure on children to perform in academics and reduced emphasis on sports, contribute to childhood obesity. Television viewing is perhaps the worst established environmental influence on the development of obesity during childhood. The association between obesity and use of other media is somewhat weaker.

Excess caloric intake

Due to the unrestricted access to energy-dense foods at various platforms like school cafeteria and school neighborhood combined with low knowledge about dietary components in school children, there is often increased caloric intake per body weight per day. The practice of overfeeding of low-birth-weight babies for catch up growth, if continued, also contributes to obesity later on.

Lifestyle related factors

Daily allowance (pocket money) to purchase lunch, easy availability of domestic help to take care of household chores, commuting to school by bus or car instead of walking or bicycling, aggressive advertising by transnational fast-food and cola companies are some of the practices which predispose children to obesity.

Socio-cultural factors and urbanization

Overprotection and forced feeding by parents, false traditional beliefs about health and nutrition, low knowledge about nutrition in parents and caregivers also contribute to obesity. Again limited availability of open spaces and parks due to population expansion and illegal settlements with abundance of fast-food outlets and eating points increase the chance of the child becoming obese.

What are the effects of child obesity ?
High blood pressure and high cholesterol, which are risk factors for cardiovascular disease (CVD).
Increased risk of impaired glucose tolerance, insulin resistance, and type 2 diabetes.
Breathing problems, such as asthma and sleep apnea.
Joint problems and musculoskeletal discomfort.
Psychological problems such as anxiety and depression.
Low self-esteem and lower self-reported quality of life.
Social problems such as bullying and stigma.
Late puberty.

What is healthy (scientific) weight loss?

Healthy weight loss consists of-

Reducing surface fat
Reducing visceral fat
Improving your muscle mass and metabolic rate
Recommended rate of scientific weight loss by WHO is 2-3 kgs/month.

How can Define Aesthetics help my child fight obesity ?

We at Define Aesthetics understand the difference between obesity in India from the western world and the solutions we offer are customised for Indian children. At Define Aesthetics every child is carefully assessed by a team of doctors and nutritionist. Then a tailor made treatment plan is formed using combination of medically proven technologies based on the individual requirements. This helps in achieving optimum results for everyone. Conventionally most clinics are offering Lipolysis alone as means of body fat reduction which reduces only surface fat. Some clinics use outdated muscle stimulators claiming to build muscles. Only at Define Aesthetics we are offer combination of scientific technologies like HIFU, Ion Magnum, radiofrequency and Acoustic wave. This combination of technology used at Define Aesthetics reduces surface and visceral fat both and improves muscle mass. This guarantees effective childhood obesity treatment and healthy weight loss for your child.

Case Study 1

A 14 year old boy presented with weight gain during puberty. At Define Aesthetics he was given 10 treatments of Ion Magnum. Also healthy diet and regular exercise (walking).

  Before Treatment After Treatment
Weight (kg) 90.6 88.7
Fat % 28.8 25
Upper abdomen(cm) 97 90.5

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