Muscle Building / Strengthening

What is Healthy Muscle Building?

Exercise does a lot more than merely contract the muscles. It reinforces the immune system, increases core strength and agility, speeds up metabolism, detoxifies, and enhances well-being. The Ion Magnum procedure is effortless and painless while reaching anaerobic threshold. Hardly any Lactic Acid is produced, minimizing the workload of the lymphatic system that has been vigorously activated to filter and remove invading micro-organisms and other foreign particles. Excess interstitial fluid is returned to the blood relieving the body from any edema. The Ion Magnum enhances and restores neuronal signaling, also acting as an antioxidant for combating oxidative damage by allowing a steady infusion of electrons that stabilize free radicals. Oxidative damage and free radicals are the main causes of aging and disease. This is how the Ion Magnum gives you healthy muscle building while enhancing immune efficiency

How can I get Six-pack abs?

Flat abs can elude even those who are slim and those who exercise regularly. 6 Pack Abs are a dream for many. With modern sedentary lifestyles, it seems sensible to find new ways of getting perfect abs.

This is because the overall tummy size has a number of factors:
  • Fat under the skin: pinch the skin to see how much fat there is. Skinny is less than a 2 cm thickness.
  • Poor tummy muscle tone: Tone up the core strength, and your tummy will magically flatten out.
  • Internal fat around the visceral organs. This is the most dangerous type of fat that is associated with an increased risk of heart disease, diabetes, strokes, etc.
Our solution is power muscle building with the Ion Magnum. It targets all 3 aspects of tummy trimming, so with even sessions, you'll get flat abs. On average, 10-20 sessions are required, but the really slim will see the toning effects immediately, get flat abs fast, and then move towards building 6 pack abs.

As each session of the Ion Magnum is equivalent to 10 hours at the gym, the results are accelerated, yet natural. The treatment is painless. All you feel are the tummy muscles contracting strongly. At the end of the session, the muscles continue to buzz for an hour or so, and the toning effects continue to develop over the next 1-2 days.

What are benefits of Define Aesthetics muscle strengthening program?

  • High tech compact workout: each 30 minute session is more effective than many hours of training in a gym
  • Up to 5000 calories burned in one session
  • Speeds up muscle building
  • Increases core strength & stamina
  • Jump starts exercise regime
  • Sports injury rehabilitation
  • Testi1 Thumb Very positives, radical and significant progress in muscle development would be an understatement! Have been trying various therapies in the last 14 years (since 1998) but just about 10 sessions (approx 1 hour) spread over 1.5-2 months has done wonders for the muscle development (L - H) and growth in my body combined with the diet plan recommended. Special thanks to Dr. Sujata, Dr. Hemlata, Dr. Sheetal, Dr. Sameer, Sister Shaikh, Mr. Balaji, Mr. Yashwant and everyone at Slim Express. With thabks and gratitude
    Rahul Nagpaul

Case Study 1

A 42 year old man had left sided paralysis 12 years back. At present he had weakness of left side of the body (hands as well as legs) and difficulty in performing all activities of daily living like buttoning the shirt, lifting any object with the affected side, walking, difficulty in climbing stairs, standing for long time and early fatigability. His muscle strength before the treatment was "grade - 2 ". At Define Aesthetics he was then treated with ION MAGNUM for strengthening the muscles. After 10 sessions of ION MAGNUM on his upper body and lower body the muscle strength increased to grade 4. All the activities of his daily living showed improvement, walking as well as climbing stairs became much better and most importantly it increased his endurance level.

Case Study 2

A 42 year old male complained of heavy abdomen and asymmetry of abdomen. He was basically diagnosed as "DIASTESIS RECTAII" in which Rectus muscle is weak leading to the separation of the muscle. He was then treated on ION MAGNUM for the abdomen. After 4 sessions of ION MAGNUM he started to show result and with 8 sessions was fine i.e. his Rectus Muscle separation reduced. By the end of the sessions his complaint of heaviness also gone and abdomen had become symmetrical.


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