Dark Circles Reduction

What are common Causes for dark circles around eyes?

  • Frequent cold / Allergies/ Atopic Dermatitis (eczema)
  • Frequently rubbing the eyes
  • Using harsh cleansers
  • Nutritional deficiency
  • Deep set eyes
  • Thin skin vasculature
  • Hereditary
  • Lifestyle factors like smoking, chronic alcoholism, emotional stress
  • sun damage
  • Genetic trait for having darker colour around or under the eye area
  • Lack of sleep

What precautions can be taken to prevent dark circles?

  • Include a high dose of vitamin C& A to the diet to prevent recurrent colds
  • Avoid rubbing your eyes often
  • Use bland, water-based and a soap-free gentle cleanser for the eyes
  • Correct any existing iron or zinc deficiency
  • Stop smoking as it causes free radical damage enhancing dark circles.
  • always apply a sunscreen around the eye area
  • Apply a moisturizer to the eye area nightly.
  • To calm puffy eyes, place cold spoons, slices of cucumbers, chilled tea bags, or even a package of frozen peas under your eyes. The cool temperatures -- rather than any special properties of cucumbers or peas -- reduce swelling.

Dark circle treatments at Define Aesthetics

Gel peels- specially formulated peels for use on sensitive skin around eyes

Nano-perfector- rejuvenates the area & detoxifies to remove accumulated toxins.

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    Dark Circles reduction Treatment At Define Aesthetics
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